Trade Finance Provider Trade Finance Services and Solutions Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C, the Trade Finance Providers in Dubai have more than decades of experience in offering trade finance services to importers and exporters. Letter of Credit Bank Guarantee Standby Letter of Credit Performance Bond Bank Comfort Letter Advance Payment Guarantee Bid Bond Click Below to Apply! We have been providing Trade Finance Services from Top European Banks.


Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. is the leading Trade Finance Providers in Dubai specializes in providing a range of international banking instruments such as – Documentary Letter of Credit, DLC MT700, SBLC MT760, Bank Guarantee, Advance Payment Guarantee, Performance Bond, Bid Bond, and Bank Comfort Letter. All our international trade finance products are designed in such a way to make your global and domestic trade easier and less risky.

Partnered with European Banks, we are doing our best to transform & rewire the future of trade networks. We cover the needs of trade finance for both buyer and seller companies for their global & local trade by providing Banking Instruments from European Banks.

For over 3 decades in the global trade market, we have created a dynamic performance in providing trade finance support to our clients worldwide. Our personalized approach is what sets us apart; i.e. our team will do a proper follow up with you; until the transaction concluded successfully.

Trusted by more than 25, 000 clients, we offer bespoke trade finance services globally without availing cash margin!


Letter of Credit

We provide Documentary Letter of Credit on behalf of our clients to secure their trade deals. Also, we can provide – LC at Sight, LC 90 Days after Sight, and LC at Sight 60 Days from European Banks.

The client benefits in dealing with us, the leading trade finance company, as they don’t need to provide cash margin. Rather, they just need to pay LC fees which can be informed, once we receive their LC details.

The LC receiver can also use their letter of credit to avail packing credit from their bank to mobilize their trade. We, the Letter of Credit Provider in Dubai assist traders to obtain LC at Sight MT700.

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Standby Letter of Credit

Standby Letter of Credit is a payment guarantee which transmits via MT760 Swift. Being SBLC Providers in Dubai, we utilize our own bank facility from European Banks to issue Standby LC on behalf of buyers.

SBLC can be used to purchase real estate and to avail funding from the banks. Importers or purchasers can avail a credit period from the exporters/sellers under SBLC MT760.

The seller can send the shipping documents to the buyer and release goods from the designated port. While the buyer can settle the seller’s payment, as per their agreed terms for their supplied goods.

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Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee is a Letter of Guarantee issued by a bank on behalf of their clients to provide financial security to the seller for their upcoming payment of supplied goods.

The parties, who can arrange a bank guarantee in favor of their counterparties, can achieve a high volume of business deals. Contractors and Developers can also use MT760 Guarantee in their construction projects.

There are different types of bank guarantees which can be used to assure the performance and to avail advance payment. And also, it can be utilized in the tender bond between parties involved.

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Performance Bond

Performance Bond or Performance Guarantee is a guarantee to assure the supplier’s performance to the commodity buyer. This works as a surety bond for the buyer’s company.

Also, this is provided by the contractor’s bank to assure their performance in the job, as per agreed T&Cs. If the contractor fails to complete their project on time, the developer has a right to claim this performance bond.

Further, if the seller fails to supply the goods on time, then this Guarantee Bond could be liquidated. In the presence of a performance guarantee, all parties are in comfort.

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Advance Payment Guarantee

Advance Payment Guarantee needs to be given by a supplier when they demand advance payment from a purchaser. This way the buyer gets secured from their seller, once they pay advance payments to them.

This is a type of bank guarantee, that the seller will complete the deal after the buyer makes an advance payment. This bank guarantee once issued, resolves the trust issues between both parties under the specific transaction.

It is a guarantee under which a contractor can also obtain advance payments from their counterparty to mobilize the assigned project.

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Bank Comfort Letter

Bank Comfort Letter or Letter of Comfort is a notification issued by the bank to prove the creditworthiness and financial capability of the buyer.

Further, it shows the financial strength of the buyer to buy a huge quantity of products. Also, it assures that the buyer is financially capable to pay the specified amount of goods, as per their agreement.

In a vast commodity business, a BCL MT799 is an important instrument. The BCL transmits via MT799 swift. Once a party provides MT799 to the seller, they qualify to avail the trade contract. And then, the seller provides the proof of product (POP) to the buyer.

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The LPG Deal Concluded Successfully with LC MT700

The Japanese trader found a great deal to import LPG from a supplier in Qatar. They both agreed to conclude the deal by choosing LC at Sight as the payment term. But, the buyer’s bank rejected their request, as they had a low credit score. So, they decided to get help from BWT.

We, the letter of credit providers in Dubai provide Letter of Credit, LC MT700 from rated banks without cash margin. Further, after the receipt of charges & documents, we instructed our bank to open LC at Sight.

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Bid Bond Construction

Construction firm avail Bid Bond Guarantee from Bronze Wing Trading

A South Africa Company got a chance to bid for a construction project. The developer demanded a bid bond to be accompanied with the proposal to win the bid. So, the firm decided to get help from us to avail Bid Bond Guarantee. And they submitted their queries to us via online.

BWT analyzed and approved their request. At once, we received the charges, we asked our bank to issue bid bond on behalf of the company. With Bid Bond, the contractor entered into the contest & won the bid.

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Bronze Wing Trading provided Standby LC on behalf of Thailand buyer

A steel import/export company in Thailand received a contract to supply steel sheets to local buyers. Since no cash funds available to conclude the deal, the buyer decided to avail Standby LC. So, they contacted Bronze Wing Trading, the SBLC providers.

Consequently, we analyzed the deal and confirmed their SBLC request. And then, the buyer paid the charges, and also provided the required documents. Further, we requested our bank to issue the Standby LC to the Indian seller.

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