What is a Letter of Credit? Letters of Credit are the written undertaking issued by a bank guaranteeing that the buyer’s payment towards the seller will be received on time for the specified amount. Nowadays, due to the risk involved in trading such as – shipment risks, trust issues, and different laws in each country, the demand for Documentary Credit has been increased in the global trade market. If you’re looking to open LC at SightLC MT700 for your trade deal, you can submit your request to us. We are the trusted Letter of Credit Providers in Dubai who can open Import LC on behalf of buyers by extending our own bank facilities to conclude their importation.


Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. the Trade Finance Providers in Dubai specializes in providing a range of international trade finance products such as – Documentary Letter of Credit, Import LC, MT700, Standby LC, SBLC MT760, Letter of Guarantees & Bank Guarantees for traders. As well, we support contractors and manufacturers by providing Advance Payment Bond, Performance Bond, Surety Bond, Bid Bond, Tender Bond, and Bank Comfort Letter. Moreover, all our commodity finance products are designed in such a way to make your global and local trade easier and less risky.

Above 30 years of experience in offering commodity finance and being a genuine Trade Finance Providers in Dubai, we spread our reach all over the globe, but not limited to the USA, UAE, UK, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, & Turkey; also, Kenya, Thailand, KSA, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and so on.

Trusted by more than 25, 000 clients & having a success ratio of 95%, we are here to bridge the gap in trade finance by providing the following Financial Instruments from Our Own Bank Accounts with rated European Banks.


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Letter of Credit

Do you require a Documentary Credit to proceed with your overseas imports? We provide LC at Sight valid for 90 days & 180 days from our own rated Banks Account.

To open Import LC, we, the Letter of Credit Providers in Dubai don’t demand any cash margin from you. Rather, you need to pay only min. service charges & LC issuance fee, which will vary based on your LC value.

By having MT700, the seller can also avail packing credit from their bank to mobilize their export. Get LC at Sight at ZERO Cash Margin to secure your trade deals and to expand your business overseas!Apply Now

Standby Letter of Credit

Do you require a Standby Letter of Credit as a Payment Guarantee for imports? We, the SBLC Providers in Dubai extend our own credit lines to issue the required SBLC valid for 90/180 Days & 1 Year.

SBLC can be used to purchase real estate and to avail funding from their banks. Further, buyers can also avail a credit period from the sellers under the issued Standby LC.

Under SBLC, the Bank will give a payment undertaking to the seller. In case of any default by the buyer, the bank will make the payment. Get SBLC MT760 from European Banks without blocking cash funds!

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Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee is a Letter of Guarantee issued by a bank on behalf of their clients to provide financial security towards the seller for the payment of supplied goods.

With Guarantee Letter, buyers can deal with big companies & sign worthy contracts. Further, contractors and Project Owners can also use Bank Guarantees in their construction projects.

Different types of bank guarantees are available. i.e. to assure performance, avail advance payments & participate in tenders. Get BG MT760 from us!

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Performance Bond

Performance Bond or Performance Bank Guarantee assures the seller’s or contractor’s performance to the buyer or project owner. This works as a surety bond for the counterparties.

Construction Bond is to assure that the job will be completed on time. In case, if there is any default in completing the project or supply of goods; then the counter party has a right to claim the bond.

To assure your performance & to sign worthy contracts & trade deals, get a Performance Bond from us! We’re the leading Performance Bond Providers in Dubai.

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Advance Payment Guarantee

Do you require an Advance Payment Guarantee to get Advance Payments from your buyers or project owners? Get the required Bank Guarantee from us without blocking your cash funds!

Project owners and buyers demand Payment Bonds before releasing the Advance Payments. Further, this MT760 Guarantee resolves the trust issues. Also, helps the contractors and the sellers to execute their work without facing cash constraints.

To get an Advance Payment Bond from rated banks without blocking cash funds, submit your MT760 request to us!

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Bank Comfort Letter

Do you want to prove your fiscal strength to your seller? Get MT799 from us now! Bank Comfort Letter is an authenticated Swift notification issued by the bank; to prove your financial strength.

Usually, a Letter of Comfort transmits to the seller’s bank via MT799 Swift. And, this states that the buyer is fiscally stable to proceed with the deal. Then, the seller provides the Proof of Product (POP); being evidence that the product is readily available.

If you’re in need of MT799, contact us now! We can provide Comfort Letter; showing that you’re financially capable to sign the contract.

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Letter of Credit - Import LC - LC at Sight - DLC Payment

Import Sunflower Crude Oil using DLC

Read our success in issuing DLC at Sight on behalf of an Indian buyer to import sunflower crude oil from Ukraine. Further, this talks about, how we, the Letter of Credit Providers in Dubai provided a Letter of Credit – LC at Sight from our European Banks at ZERO Collateral.

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Standby Letter of Credit - SBLC - MT760 - Standby LC

Issued SBLC to import Weaving Machines

See our success in the issuance of SBLC on behalf of the Dubai buyer to support the import of Fabric Weaving machines from a German Seller. For this import deal, we, the SBLC Providers in Dubai provided Standby Letters of Credit from our own Rated Bank Account at ZERO Cash Margin within 2 days!

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Letter of Guarantee - Bank Guarantee - Bank Guarantee Letters

Bank Guarantee to Import Nitrile Gloves

See how we assisted the US buyer to import Nitrile Gloves by issuing Bank Guarantee in just 2 days without blocking their cash funds. We, the Bank Guarantee Providers in Dubai extended our bank support to issue the Letter of Guarantee from rated banks in Europe.

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We Listen, We Advise & We Structure Together!

Bronze Wing believes that there is only one thing that greatly matters – Client Satisfaction. We strive to provide the best Trade Finance services for our clients and that’s why our clients love to work with us. Take a moment to read a few of our client’s recent reviews which we have received from them.

“Last year, my business faced a severe business crash, due to COVID-19 and other crises. This time, as the global trade started blooming, I thought to give a fresh start to my business by importing agro foods from India. But, I didn’t have enough funds to invest. So I contacted Bronze Wing Trading with my request. Mr. Ismail, the CEO of the BWT listened to the queries. Further, he advised me to use Letters of Credit; which can help me to buy goods without paying upfront to the seller. Really, I am astonished by his advice! Also, his advice reflects the 30+ years of experience; which he has in the industry of trade finance in Dubai! Above all, thank you for the guidance, Sir! Will meet you soon with the Pro forma invoice of the rice deal! Thank you!”

Mauricio Lee, Dubai

“When I was looking forward to taking a step to conclude a bigger trade deal, I need trade finance support. So, I contacted our bank; but as usual, they asked “Cash Margin”. So, after discussing with my friend ‘Kai Whitington’, who had used BWT before, I have contacted them. BWT clearly understood our request; also, suggested SBLC. I really admired their way of work. So, without a second thought, I paid the charges. As promised, they issued Standby Letters of Credit to the seller’s bank account within 2 days. My seller instantly started the shipment of goods. Above all, I can assure you that none other than BWT can provide such smooth services for you. I would like to thank BWT, the No. 1 SBLC provider for their best service! Further, I wish to recommend BWT to all my friends and business partners for all their import export finance needs.”

Fred K, USA

“We got a chance to meet the LC providers in Dubai to discuss our MT700 request in person. Once we entered their office, we were honored by their warm welcome. And then, we had a meeting with Mr. Ismail, the CEO of Bronze Wing. During the 1-hr session, he explained their working process; also, the fees and charges in a detailed way. Also, we admired his knowledge and friendly behavior! After spending some time with him; we truly understood why he is leading the industry. Further, we really wish to work with this Letters of Credit provider; for our upcoming trade deal. Above all, thanks to BWT for arranging such an amazing business meeting! ”

Thomas S. Calvin, UK

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