Are you an Importer or Exporter? Get Letter of Credit at Sight, DLC MT700 within 48 hours. We provide LCs from rated banks without cash margin.

Letter of Credit Process


To avail Letter of Credit from Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C., the LC Provider in Dubai, please follow LC Process given below:-

 1. The buyer presents their trade deal by submitting a buy and sell agreement or a proforma invoice.

 2. Secondly, BWT will do an analysis of the trade deal between the importer and exporter or buyer and seller. And will also, inform the party, if their request is approved or not.

 3. And, if approved, we will send the service agreement to the client. Also, we will inform them about the service charges to initiate their transaction.


 4. Once they sign the service agreement and pay the service charges, we will start working on their LC transaction without availing any cash margin.

 5. Further, we will send the DLC MT700 draft to the applicant for their review.

 6. Finally, upon receipt of DLC MT700 draft approval, the documents, and the LC issuance fee, BWT will proceed right away to open the LCs.

 7. Consequently, we will open the requested Letters of Credit from our European Bank account via swift MT700 to the supplier. Certainly, it will not take more than 2 working days to complete the transaction.


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    Irrevocable Letter of Credit


    LC Payment Terms


    LC Payment Terms is one of the safest trade finance products available for exporters. And this ensures that they will get their payment(s) in a specific currency within the set time period.

    With LC payment terms, the buyer is sure of the supplier’s obligations to supply their products, in terms of quality, quantity, and shipping.

    This payment term is also known as LC at Sight. It is a written undertaking by the issuer in favor of the seller. It acts as a tool for financing global trade. The bank opens the DLC MT700 at their clients’ request, to pay the supplier against documents that complies all the terms. Also, the supplied goods should be as per the proforma offer or sales contract, within a set time limit.

    Also, these documents include the invoice, packing list, ocean bill of lading or air waybill, and the certificate of origin.

    To open Letters of Credit MT700, in favor of the seller, the buyer needs to pay its charges to the issuer. Also, this includes its’ commission, processing fee, and swift charges upfront to the issuing authority.

    The supplier may also receive a credit line or packing credit against the instrument to mobilize their exports. Furthermore, the bank will collect the advance funds upon negotiation of the LC at Sight. 

    DLC MT700 is governed by the International Chamber of Commerce’s latest version of UCP 600.

    Why Importers and Exporters Would Opt for LC Payment Term?

    For Importers / Buyers:

    • If the buyer uses the Letters of Credit as a financial instrument. Then they can structure the payment plan with the consent of the seller.
    • It acts as a surety. Therefore, this assures that the payment will be made upon the submission of documents agreed in the issued MT700 T&Cs.
    • It allows the buyer to avoid or reduce pre payment.
    • Also, the supplier must meet all the terms stated in the MT700.

    For Exporters / Suppliers:

    • Payments are assured, once all the documents are submitted as stated in the issued LC T&Cs.
    • It reduces the risk in situations when a buyer changes or revokes their order.
    • The buyer cannot deny the payment or reject the products, due to any issues regarding the goods. But they can raise the complaint(s) about the goods delivered. 
    • Also, it can re structure the delivery schedule as per the supplier’s ease.

    Parties Involved in LC

    • Applicant

    The Applicant is the buyer of the goods or services supplied by the seller. This MT700 is opened by the issuing bank, as per the buyer’s request.

    • Beneficiary

    Called as the supplier. Usually, they are the ones, in whose favor the Letters of Credit has been issued.

    • Issuing Bank

    Known as Issuer, it receives the request from their client to open the LC at Sight, in favor of the seller under certain terms.

    • Advising Bank

    The issuer sends the LC to a bank they have a relationship with, to advise the same towards the seller.

    • Supplier’s Bank 

    This is the seller’s bank, where finally LC is sent. 

    Steps We Follow in the Letter of Credit Process

    • Buyer and supplier or importer and exporter sign the proforma invoice or sales agreement. This includes the details of goods, product description, delivery time. And also, the price under FOB / CIF / CF with the payment time period.
    • Further, the buyer contacts BWT, the LC Provider in Dubai for the issuance of MT700.
    • Meanwhile, we will analyze the trade deal and let them know whether it’s approved or not. If approved, we will proceed with the next process. 
    • On behalf of the buyer, the LC provider in Dubai will issue the MT700 either directly to the supplier. Or else, through the Advising bank to further advise the LC to the supplier via Swift MT700.
    • And now, the supplier analyzes the received Letters of Credit and check whether it complies with the signed proforma invoice terms.

    LC Process

    • If so, then the supplier arranges the goods for the shipment. Upon shipment, when they receive the Bill of Lading, they prepare other documents as per the LC T&Cs. After that, they submit these documents to their bank to claim the payment.
    • And then, the Supplier’s bank will verify the documents. Further, if it complies with all the terms, they will forward LC documents to the advising bank to claim the payment. Then, they will forward these LC documents to the issuer.
    • Moreover, the issuing bank will check the documents thoroughly. Once it complies with the terms, they will debit the buyer’s account. Also, transfer the payment to the supplier against their bill of exchange.
    • Meanwhile, they will release the original shipping documents to the buyer to get the delivery of goods from the port.

    Types of LC

    Irrevocable LC

    Once issued, letters of credit cannot revoke or cancel by the issuing bank.

    Transferable LC

    This type of Letters of Credit issued, when the party is not the end supplier. That means the LC beneficiary is just a middle party in the actual deal. But, they have a right to request their bank to transfer, in favor of the principal supplier. Also, once the LC is transferred to the second beneficiary; it cannot transfer again to any other 3rd party.

    Confirmed LC

    Confirmed LC means the supplier needs confirmation from another bank, once the issuer has a low rating. Further, this acts as an additional assurance to honor the compliance of the payment.

    Unconfirmed LC

    Typically, this type of Letters of Credit does not need other bank’s confirmation.

    LC at Sight

    It is a payment term that covers the payment instantly by the issuer, against the Bill of Exchange. Certainly, they review all the documents and pays the supplier once all the terms have complied.

    Usance LC

    In the Usance LC payment, the buyer is allowed to pay the proceeds of the supplied goods at the agreed time.  Further, all the documents should comply with the LC Payment Terms. And then, the buyer’s bank will issue a maturity date confirmation to the supplier’s bank to effect the payment.

    Back to Back LC

    Furthermore, middle companies are receiving Letters of Credit from their buyers and need to open a new LC towards their suppliers. Further, this is to arrange for the supply of products to their clients. Further, for this, the bank opens the Letters of Credit in favor of the principal supplier, against the MT700 received at their bank from their Ex buyer.

    Letter of Credit Cost

    Letters of Credit cost mainly includes issuance fees, negotiation fees, and swift charges. Also, these fees are borne by the buyer; or as per the agreed terms between buyer & supplier. Further, this has to be stated in the issued MT700.

    We are a letter of credit provider from Rated European Banks. Moreover, we act on behalf of buyers who don’t have enough funds to open the LC, to import their required goods.

    To Apply For Letters of CreditClick Here!

    To Apply For Letters of CreditClick Here!

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